Deceptions and Signs of Cheating On Your Spouse

by neerajk

Relationships, mainly those as strong as marriage, are supposed to endure a lifetime. However, most people claim that they were shocked to learn that their sweetheart was in love with someone else. In most situations, there are apparent indicators; however, you may not or do not want to notice them in many cases. Swirling things under the rug isn’t help you much, either. It will make matters much worse.

However, before you confront your spouse about their actions, it’s a good idea to gather additional proof. Cheating spouses are not always easy to spot, but some signs indicate your partner is cheating. Watch out for these signs of infidelity in a relationship:

Changes in appearance:

This could be as drastic as a sudden change in hairstyle or clothing choice to something more subtle such as a new cologne or perfume. There may be a sudden change in how your significant other exercises and eats. This could signify that they seek attention (maybe from you, or perhaps an affair partner). A pair of sweatpants at a party suddenly becomes slacks with matching socks and a trendy shirt or the mother who can’t help but smell like the poop off her son’s diaper suddenly smells like Chanel No. 5. Underwear and haircuts are equally important – especially if your significant other seems the same around you but appears significantly better at work or social events.

Changes in appearance could be signs of infidelity; however, it’s important to gather additional proof before confronting your partner.

A change in communication

It is never a good thing when communication breakdowns occur. If you are having trouble communicating with your spouse (or even arguing with them) or no longer sharing their day with you, or you cannot get them to say, “I love you,” there is almost certainly a problem.

Suppose you encounter any of the following signs of stonewalling, which involves refusing to listen to, respond to, or accept what you are saying. In that case, there is a possibility that your spouse is cheating on you:

  • They are not as communicative as they used to be.
  • They are defensive and refuse to answer your questions.
  • There is a sudden change in how much they share with you.
  • He doesn’t care what you say.
  • Changes the subject to avoid awkward questions
  • Citing reasons why they cannot speak
  • Instead of talking about the current situation, they make accusations
  • Passively aggressive behavior, such as stalling or procrastinating to avoid talking

If you cannot get them to open up, it may be because they have something to hide. This lack of communication could also be due to an affair partner filling their emotional needs elsewhere.

Changes in Phone Habits

The phone habits of a person can reveal a lot about them. It is possible to discover the darkest secrets of someone’s life through their cell phone in today’s world. When a particular someone calls your spouse, do they move away? Is there a unique ringtone he uses for this caller? Is incoming messaging too frequent when you shouldn’t seriously be discussing office work? What about when his phone is within 5 km of you? Does he get anxious when you are within a 5 km radius of his phone? Having a quick look at your spouse’s inbox or sending messages could clear many things up.

The next time your spouse keeps their phone close to them or refuses to leave it unattended, look and see who’s messaging them.

They Want Secrecy

No matter the reason for secrecy in your relationship, it’s never a good sign. If you find excuses for why they cannot be around certain people or places (for example, because of their religion), there could be something fishy behind closed doors.

If your significant other suddenly hides their phone screen away from you, locks the door of their bedroom, or clicks out of emails or internet pages when you enter their space, this could be a possible sign that they are having an affair.

Your partner may also find a new security interest to keep their belongings safe or for them to keep track of your location. It is possible that they will put passwords on your cell phone, computer, or other devices without telling you and that they might become preoccupied with your schedule. They might, in extreme cases, recommend signing up for a home monitoring system or a tracking app for your cell phone. Typically, what they are trying to accomplish with this sort of behavior is to make sure that you miss them in the act of cheating.

The next time you sense that he wants to keep secrets from you, finally confront him about it. If he’s cheating, there’s a good chance that he’ll be defensive and makeup excuses.  

They’re Suddenly More Affectionate

One minute, they’re giving you the cold shoulder, and the next, they can’t keep their hands off you. If your spouse is suddenly being more affectionate after a period of little or no physical contact, this could be a sign that they are trying to make up for a lost time.

It’s possible that they suddenly feel guilty about cheating and are trying to make up for it. However, this sudden change in behavior does not mean that your spouse has changed their ways; they could be using affection to conceal the truth.

They are planning on leaving you but still want sex or intimacy?

The next time your partner is overly affectionate, be cautious. This could be a way of distracting you from the signs that they are cheating on you.

They’re Working Late More Often

If your spouse is suddenly coming home later than usual and has been making up excuses for why they can’t see you, this may signify that they are having an affair.

Working late is often one of the most common excuses that people use to conceal an affair. This behavior could be a way for your partner to spend more time with their lover or to have some privacy.

If this is happening, try and talk to them about it. If your spouse is cheating, they will likely get defensive and make more excuses.

Change in schedule

If your spouse suddenly changes their schedule and spends a great deal of time out, this could indicate that they are meeting someone. If you notice unexplained absences or sudden interest in going places (i.e., the gym or social gatherings), ask yourself why? Lying about schedules and activities may also indicate deception on the part of your partner.  

They’re More Critical of You

If your partner is suddenly more critical of you and finds faults in everything you do, they might try to make themselves feel better about their behavior. This change in attitude could signify that they are cheating on you.

When people cheat, they often start to look for ways to justify their actions. They may get mad at you for no reason and start finding faults with everything you do because they feel guilty about cheating on you. If this is the case, confront them about it since they will probably become defensive or try to make up an excuse.

Changes in Your Sexual Life

If your spouse is suddenly not interested in having sex with you, it could signify that they are cheating. People who feel guilty about their behavior often stop showing interest in intimacy to justify themselves and as a self-defense mechanism.

There is a possibility of infidelity when there is decreased sexual activity and an increase in your relationship. Less sex occurs when your partner focuses on someone else; more sex occurs when they are trying to cover it up. If you have sex with your partner, you may also feel emotionally disconnected from each other. Adding new techniques and practices to your sexual life can also be a sign. It might be fun to watch them learn new tricks, but you might not be involved in their learning.  

Avoidance and Lying

If your partner is cheating, they will likely start to distance themselves from you. They may also begin to lie more often about where they’ve been and what they’ve been doing. This type of behavior is an attempt to conceal the truth from you.

If you feel like your partner is trying to pull away from you, try and talk to them about it. If they are cheating, they will likely become defensive and makeup excuses.

Unaccounted expense

If your partner is cheating, they may start spending more money than usual. This could be a way of trying to buy your forgiveness or make up for their actions.

Affairs are often expensive, and if you notice unexplained expenses or a sudden change in financial behavior, it could be because your partner is spending money on their lover. The costs of cheating are very high. When you see evidence of large withdrawals or purchases coming from places you don’t frequent often or rarely, you should be concerned.

How should you cope up with a cheating husband?

You will never be able to trust your husband again if you see him romantically involved with another person after he has broken your trust. He may try to convince you to give him one more chance. He should be the only one who decides whether or not to accept you after revealing his affair to you. The following suggestions can help you deal with a cheating husband:

  • You need emotional support to rebound from heartbreak like this, so reach out to your loved ones and friends for help.
  • Talk openly with your husband about all your doubts. Ask your spouse about his affair if he has been unfaithful to you so that you can get closure.
  • Consider counseling with your husband if you want to make your relationship work.
  • To preserve your self-esteem, it is best to move on if your husband has trouble letting go of the extramarital affair and you cannot stop it.

Rebuilding a relationship after cheating may be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. If you’re having difficulties in your marriage, you can even consult a professional. If you want to be happy in your future, you’ll need to find a method to terminate this toxic relationship and live a more fulfilled existence. Don’t rush into a new relationship or marriage until you’ve given yourself enough time to heal and regain your confidence.

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